Do you off a warranty?

Each piece is custom hand-built and numerous hours are put into each headlight-piece. Our warranty period is 60 days covered on parts and labor. This warranty is exclusive to the initial single party and is non-transferable. Should you choose for opting upgraded-premium pieces utilizing TRS products, TRS’ warranty period will be practiced(TheRetrofitSource.com). Any manipulation of product will result in warranty void, should a project need warranty work, it is the owner’s responsibility for shipping the headlights into us for repair. The shipping charge to resend back to the clientele will be covered by Dynamikillu51ons.

Is installation difficult?

Most setups are relatively simple and straight-forward for the average DIYer, basic wiring skills and knowledge regarding electronic-basics makes it that much easier. However, there is no set learning curve and some parties may find it a little difficult, if one understands the basics of 12v hook-up (positive and negative wiring), one shouldn’t be so concerned. If in doubt, simply have a professional aid in the install of your new products. If your setup comes with a relay harness, the install entails simple plug-and-play capabilities without having to splice any of your vehicle’s original harness. One should be knowledgable as to what the positive battery terminal is, alongside what a body-ground refers to.

What payments do you accept?

  • PayPal
  • Credit
  • Debit

Do I have to pay in full?

Payments are separated in 2 halves, primary payment is for the initial product and labor. Secondary payment is allotted upon product completion for shipping, in which the party will be contacted the amount prior to the ship-date.

How long does it take?

We advertise on numerous sites and build lights for more than one specific model. Depending the complexity and our work-load, lights can be done as soon as 3 weeks. However, we’ve been experiencing great interest in our products and are currently exercising a minimum 4 week wait-list.

What causes headlight condensation?

Even vehicles bought straight from the showroom floor sometimes have had this happen. Realistically, it’s science that has to do with environmental heat-expenditure. During extreme temperature changes from hot to cold or vice versa, this can cause an imbalance of temperature-differences inside the headlight which potentially forms gaseous/vapor molecules that adhere inside the headlight. Variables are not only limited to weather, but can also include when you wash your car outside which is a direct-type of moisture being applied. This type of reaction is usually temporary and short-lived. The best and easiest way to rid moisture is simply letting it dissipate on its own.

Removing the OEM orange reflector in change for a customer painted setup, smoked setup or a clear replacement. ×
Tedious procedure of adding a turn signal system that results in a flowing, rhythmic turn signal that starts from the inside of the headlight to the outer rim upon activation. ×
Chrome headlights are common amongst many vehicles on the road today. Customized paint finishes can not only accent a headlight design, but completely change the look of the vehicle. ×
Tired of the standard halogen look of your light? We can help with that, we can drop a halogen or HID projector into your headlight to give you an added lighting field, and that custom look. ×