So the site has been down for a while now. I have been busy doing different things and meeting new people. Right now I am in California with Rob getting his car together. Next week I will be in Las Vegas at SEMA. The site still isn’t complete yet, but It is far enough along to display it. I will get some better looking pictures and add the store when I get a chance.

Keep an eye out for me.

Removing the OEM orange reflector in change for a customer painted setup, smoked setup or a clear replacement. ×
Tedious procedure of adding a turn signal system that results in a flowing, rhythmic turn signal that starts from the inside of the headlight to the outer rim upon activation. ×
Chrome headlights are common amongst many vehicles on the road today. Customized paint finishes can not only accent a headlight design, but completely change the look of the vehicle. ×
Tired of the standard halogen look of your light? We can help with that, we can drop a halogen or HID projector into your headlight to give you an added lighting field, and that custom look. ×