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October 26, 2016

Sorry for the delay.

So the site has been down for a while now. I have been busy doing different things and meeting new

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Since 2006, DYNAMIKILLU51ONS LLC (Dynamic Illusions) has been building the highest quality and state of the art custom headlights on the market. Founded by Francis Fiel after noticing a need in the market, DYNAMIKILLU51ONS has grown to be one of the leaders in the custom lighting industry.

Not only do our products provide enhanced vehicle safety, they also deliver the most enhanced look and visibility one could desire for their vehicle. Each one of our products is hand-assembled with strategic care to ensure that we deliver nothing but the highest quality product, all the while staying at the forefront of the industry.

Removing the OEM orange reflector in change for a customer painted setup, smoked setup or a clear replacement. ×
Tedious procedure of adding a turn signal system that results in a flowing, rhythmic turn signal that starts from the inside of the headlight to the outer rim upon activation. ×
Chrome headlights are common amongst many vehicles on the road today. Customized paint finishes can not only accent a headlight design, but completely change the look of the vehicle. ×
Tired of the standard halogen look of your light? We can help with that, we can drop a halogen or HID projector into your headlight to give you an added lighting field, and that custom look. ×